All About Affordable Health Care: A Rant

Affordable health care

: Anything but Affordable! Affordable healthcare these days seems to be anything but affordable. That is unless you go to a physician who understands. I found one: (who I’d like to thank for all their help. Here is the sad truth. Most aren’t as lucky as I was. Typical charges for a simple doctors visit can...

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Medical Inspections: Run for the hills

Medical Inspections: Run for the hills

Inspections: Preparation and Process When it comes to medical laboratory inspections and for that matter surgery center inspections, it can be pretty daunting. The regulatory bodies that govern medical laboratories are strict and want to ensure that patients are being taken care of properly. You can be certain that all of the documentation and identifiers will be reviewed...

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Thank you

Thanks for visiting this site. I hope that you find it helpful. Stick around and check back soon so you can see the new information that we get put...

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