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New medical forms: What’s new out there

We intend to publish the newest medical forms available on this website or at least link to them. You should be able to access them directly at the government websites. But you may find that this is simply a shortcut to those forms. Most of the forms on this website are dedicated to the areas in which we have worked in the state of Florida. So if you’re looking for other states and their information, you may have to look further or elsewhere.

My name is Tom Blanchard and I am a retired executive from a medical company. Although I am very familiar with lots of forms that I have submitted over the years in order to gain licensing and credentials, I am not making any specific recommendations here.

You can see my disclaimer for more details.

I intend this site to be there for you as a small shortcut in order to find the forms that you need in order to submit the information required by local governing entities.

Thank you for checking me out and I’ll see you on the main pages. By the way thanks for taking time to read the about me section.

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