All About Affordable Health Care: A Rant

Affordable health care

: Anything but Affordable!

Affordable healthcare these days seems to be anything but affordable. That is unless you go to a physician who understands. I found one: (who I’d like to thank for all their help.

Here is the sad truth. Most aren’t as lucky as I was.

Typical charges for a simple doctors visit can run anywhere from $60-$300.

If you need lab work done that can cost up into the thousands.

Besides that you have to pay for your monthly premiums. If you’re paying for monthly premiums out of your own pocket, then you’ll recognize that if you’re like me you’re paying somewhere in the neighborhood of over $250 per member on the plan.

I say that because I’m currently paying $1000 on my plan and it covers the five of us. Two adults and three children.

I recognize the other day that this thousand dollars per month really is only a safety net.

The reason I say that is because even though I pay that amount, I have no desire to go see any doctors because of the fact that it will cost me lots of money. My deductible is high and so I doubt that I would ever come close to spending that amount unless there was some major medical problem.

So here I am thinking about this affordable act stuff. I believe that it may seem affordable on the surface, however, is it really affordable in reality? Seems to me it’s not.

For the simple reason that I don’t even want to go to the doctor to have any preventative may medicine done.

In other words there are some conditions that I have had over the years that I would probably want to get checked out. However, I would know this would require MRIs and CAT scans and so I went to see the status of some lymph nodes that are enlarged. But, and this might sound stupid, I really have no desire to go get further testing because I realize that I would probably spend $3,000 to $4000 in tests only to find out that everything is fine and I’m still having to cover the $1000 not every single month.

The other thing is that anytime we’re subject to health care you know it’s going to cost a lot of money. If you get bills for bandages and things like that from the hospital, you know those cost a lot more money than if you went to CVS and bought your own.

This was just a random thought for me today simply because I get frustrated with sending up $1000 check every month just to pay for the potential of having coverage.

It’s always one of those things related to insurance. The question is if you needed to go to the doctor you would still pay for less than $1000. However, it is the insurance that if something major happens you’re covered.

Insurance and Coverage:

So it’s a roll of the dice in life whether you can maintain your lifestyle on the current income that you have without insurance or add insurance and prevent yourself from ending up in the poorhouse after you’ve lost everything.

Certainly I understand the perspective of the hospitals and providers out there. They are between a rock and a hard place as well. They have to have medical malpractice insurance and they also have to have (Staffing) in order to collect from the insurance companies. It seems to me the insurance companies are the ones that rule the world.

They are also the ones I can tell you that you’re not covered for something.

 Every so often I get the statements in the mail talking about modifications to the health plan. When I review them, they are so lame and boring that I find myself drifting off to sleep just trying to read through them.

 It always seems to me that it’s the pertinent and pertinent information buried in the text so that you really don’t even know what you’re reading.

Then again most people don’t really understand therapies and the cost of medical coverage.

 It seems to me that it would be good to have somebody put together an informative website or write a book on how to manage their own healthcare.

 Maybe there is a book like that already I’ll have to check around and check on Amazon or something.

Ok, I am done with my rant.

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