Privacy Claims and Disclaimers


Since the medical industry is very specific when it comes to Hipaa, private healthcare information (PHI) and legal requirements for the submission of documentation, licensing regulations and credentialing, I am not putting forth any claims as to be an authority on this subject matter.

As long as you remain on this website you’re agreeing to the terms. The main terms overall are that this is information that is for entertainment only. We would ask that you would consider that this is a free website that you have come across. If it helps you great, but if it doesn’t we take no responsibility.

You have the sole responsibility of ensuring that the proper forms are filled out for your particular situation. We make no claims that we are giving you direction or information specifically on matters that affect your situation.

If you are in doubt, we recommend that you contact an attorney or find a professional that understands subject matter that you are dealing with.

So, once again, we do not want to be held liable for any lack of information that you might have been seeking on this website.

We also guarantee that we will do our best to maintain privacy for you and anyone else that spends time on the side.

We take our privacy matters very seriously.

If you have questions specifically about these things than you may contact us.
We also suggest that should anything in this disclaimer be considered invalid, it does not invalidate the remaining portions.

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